I am a painter, a painter who enjoys
of the handling of his technique,
who enjoys building
works from matter.
My work comes from within
out from the surface,
from matter to form
and the color that are part of it,
because she is the support
of the discourse constituted from
of an incision that generates
a primitive drawing,
in the sense of the primal
of the artist and his environment.

With apparently simple signifiers
I build a complex world
between visual text
and context of my life,
a series of images where
I reveal ideas, tastes,
where I talk about my space and time.
My hobby is working deeply and obsessively.

I have try through my work, that the viewer,
in front of her have a feeling of joy.
I declared myself a painting worker and researcher.
The sand, the filler, the matter and the color;
they are my pictorial world,
tinged with identity concepts,
Latin Americans, from the everyday to the urban.

Stand out from the rituals you performed,
in the elaboration of each work,
I compose in them
a chain of signifiers,
which are my visual speech,
in this, my painting.